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About Us



            As parents enter into the world of work, they find themselves in need of a nurturing and educationally stimulating environment in which to leave their children during working hours.   Dr.  C.  E. McLain, the visionary pastor of Little Union Baptist Church recognized this need and began laying the foundation for the church to develop a ministry that would meet the needs of working families more effectively.   Even though Little Union Daycare/Learning Center opened for business in 1994, it had to close its doors for a brief period in 2019.   The family friendly ministry reopened in 2020 as Legend’s Learning Center at Little Union and strives to continue providing quality care to children of all denominations and races.


The director and staff continually engage in educational development in order to learn new ways in which to help every child reach his or her potential while making Legends Learning Center at Little Union a beacon that lets its light shine in the Shreveport-Bossier community.


Philosophy and Program Goals

(Child Development and Guidance)

The philosophy of Legend’s Learning Center at Little Union is based on the concept that young children learn best in a setting that provides developmentally appropriate curriculum and hands on activities.  Children learn by doing, and here at Legend’s Learning Center they will be given the opportunity to explore, to experiment, and to enjoy God’s beautiful world around them.  The goal of the early childcare experience at the Center is to help each child develop to his/her fullest potential in every area:  physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual (PIES).


To that end, our goal is to develop a lifelong enjoyment of

learning . . .


  • Physically- By providing experiences that promote good health, safe habits, development of motor skills, and gaining an under-standing of proper nutrition.

  • Intellectually- By developing the ability to think, reason, communicate, listen, solve problems, ask and answer questions, and understand the differences in people and cultures.

  • Emotionally- By providing activities to help children express feelings in socially acceptable ways and develop a positive self concept.

  • Socially- By providing opportunities for working in group situations or independently, and situations for sharing, listening, speaking and respecting the rights and property of others.

  • Spiritually- By providing activities that promote and encourage children to learn lessons (concepts) they can apply to their daily lives to help them grow in grace and in the knowledge of God.

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